The Borders Institute

The Borders Institute (TBI) is an independent, multinational, non-profit, non-governmental organization, based as a legal entity in Nairobi, Kenya. With staff members and partners working through field-based research and high-level training on border issues, the institute is positioning itself as a leading research and training institute on border issues in Africa.

At The Borders Institute

  • We AIM to find the best solution for you; not to give you the best one we have.
  • We BELIEVE you have the solution; ours is to help you see it.
  • We STAY with you after finding the right solution; and walk together until it is fully implemented.
  • We DEVOTE all our energies towards finding the right solution for you.
  • We only do more good; and no harm.
Research on knowledge gaps, nature of African borders, and effective approaches of settling border disputes, enhancing border security and promoting cross-border cooperation
A collection of information on African borders that is to be a one-stop shop.
Capacity building and training of key stakeholders involved in enhancing peaceful and prosperous borders in Africa.

The Borders News

Border Speak

“The internet liquefied physical borders faster than they were already doing on their own.”—Andrei Codrescu
“We always think ofborders as something that separates two peoples but of course they unite them. It’s something you have in common, literally.”—Don Winslow
“When goods do not cross borders, soldiers will.”—Frederic Bastiat
“To be called a sovereign nation, a nation has to be able to control its own borders.”—Tom Tancredo
“Borders may divide us, but, paradoxically, they’re also the places where we’re nearest to one another.”—Ken Jennings
“Often borders are thought of as passive objects, or matter-of-factly just as edges. However, a border exerts an active influence.”—Jane Jacobs
“A nation withoutborders is like a house without walls – it collapses.”—Jan Brewer
“Good fences make good neighbours”—Robert Frost

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