South Africa might turn into a circus if the borders are removed for free foreign entry?

4 July 2021

The free entry of any foreign citizen into a different country in the same continent should not be something to be taken lightly

Unfortunately here in South Africa there are borders but those borders are not entirely respected by neighbouring countries or citizens

And the neighbouring countries with little respect for South African borders are mainly or mostly Zimbabwe, Nigeria etc as there is an influx of citizens of those respective countries already in most cities here in Mzansi

At the end of the day we are all African by nature and by birth as we basically share the same continent but that doesn’t mean we have to abuse each other’s privacy in a sense

Because according to an African explorer who goes by the name of Tal Edgar who’s come up with the suggestions that borders in Africa should be done away with in a move that will allow for more economical growth

From an ecomical point of view perhaps maybe South Africa is the closest African country to stability as well as consistency as the rand is the strongest form of currency in the entire continent.

Although Tal Edgar has a few valid reasons for such a ‘bold’ suggestion of the doing away of borders in the African continent with one of them being the projection or the prophecy that by 2050 10 of the biggest cities in the world will be in Africa

Of course not everyone will share the optimism and ambition of Tal Edgar as currently in South African society there is a power struggle between citizens by birth and citizens by relocation and the destroying of borders between countries might turn the whole continent into a circus.

Source: Opera News